Thursday, December 30, 2010

so this is the new year...

(kate spade via lox papers)

kate spade can do no wrong. Zero, zilch. Their website is chalk full of fun resolutions. I might have to steal a few and add them to my list. Rather than the regular resolutions every one makes - I'm changing it up this year. I'm giving myself some themes. The first? Live more fabulously. Next up, Be better. Third, make things happen. What are yours? Do tell...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

sometime you just need some goals, ya know?
check back to see me cross these 25 items off my bucket list for 2011.

    1) Try snowboarding.
    2) Take a cooking class.
    3) Run a timed race.
    4) Cook a meal entirely from scratch.
    5) Publish a blog.
    6) Practice a random act of
    kindness a month.
    7) Weigh in at my ideal weight on my 26th birthday.
    8) Volunteer.
    9) Pay off a credit card.
    10) Get a raise.
    11) "
    Unplug" for an entire weekend.
    12) Start a bookclub/Read a book a month.
    13) Drop off some food for the homeless girl on the corner of NE Killingsworth & freeway.
    14) Suntan on a beach..any beach.
    15) Take advantage of 401K.
    16) Try 1 new restaurant/coffee shop/cart per month.
    17) Rent a
    tandem bicycle.
    18 )Catch up with an old friend.
    19) Start a greeting card company.
    20) Get my cards read.
    21) Take 1 photo per day for an entire year.
    22) Buy an original piece of art.
    23) Splurge on a designer label.
    24) Get lost.
    25) Strike up a conversation with a complete stranger.