Sunday, January 23, 2011

baby, it's cold outside.

I almost forgot this happened! Last week when I was at the DMV, this woman walked by me. You think she watched "Elf" for some fashion inspiration? I died!

falling in love at a coffee shop.

(via Lonny Magazine)
I found this gem of a coffee shop while pursing Lonny Magazine, one of my favorite online magazines/blogs. Their blog post titled "When In: Portland," caught my eye for obvious reasons a) I live in Portland. B) the coffee shop looks like something out of one of my design dreams!

This lazy Sunday, the BF and I decided to check out Cartola. He was on board since I assured him they served Stumptown Coffee (he's so high maintenance, I mean...loyal sometimes). And it's a  bonus since it's nearly in our neighborhood. 

Instantly, when we opened the door, I fell in love. Dark, grey walls, carrera marble bistro tables, tufted bench seating, vintage modern lighting (the the exact fixtures I've priced out for our kitchen update), and a friendly guy behind the counter asking about our day. 

BF went with the 12oz non-fat latte, and I opted for a 8oz Americano. He also snuck in a delicious almond croissant. I snagged the Style and Travel sections of the New York Times, and we found ourselves enjoying the quietness of Sunday morning. Other coffee-goers brought their MacBooks and set up shop which looked like an ad for Portland - skinny jeans, scarves, and shades of grey. When a couple abandoned the two plush chairs in the window, we made our move.

If you're in the neighborhood and want a great cup of coffee and an inspiring ambiance, stop into Cartola. 


2723 N 7th Ave
PortlandOR 97212

Neighborhoods: Northeast Portland, Irvington

Saturday, January 22, 2011


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I've been thinking a lot about attitudes. It's really the only thing we have control of in this crazy, messy, sometimes unfair world. I'm working to improve my outlook and not blame my reaction to things on the things that other people do to me. Seems like an easy out. And most things that are easy, don't actually help you grow. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

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"Can you make this look pretty?"

That's what I hear at least 4 times a day from someone approaching my desk. I think I'm going to post this baby up to warn them. Depending on how long I get to work on something, that usually determines how lovely it will be. Unfortunately, I get paid the same regardless of how "pretty" it looks. But then the whole pride thing kicks in. And I don't want my name all over something that's hideous, right?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

she works hard for the money.

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It's no secret - well, not anymore at least - that I'm not the best budgeter. Shocker. I'm only one person, so my money should last, but after the bills, the groceries, the random purchases at Target...woosh! It's penny pinchin' time until the next payday (It's a glamorous life, what can I say?)

So in my efforts to watch my bank account a little more closely, I've made a budget. I made it all pretty and color-coded in Excel, and if anything - it helps me visually see what I should be spending on certain catagories per month. I haven't stuck to it exactly, but it's a start.

Tonight I went over to my co-worker/friend Summer's house for our first ever coupon tutorial! She made us a yummy dinner, and we all gathered around the dining room table to hear pearls of wisdom from our resident coupon clipper, Kristina (with a K, hayyy). Not only is she one of my favorite people, but the girl knows how to save some serious cash money. She taught us the tricks of the trade on how to save and navigate through the crazy coupon world. Summer, her sister, our hilarious/fabulous receptionist at work and I all sat there in awe of how much we are overspending...on everything!

So as we all hit the coupon blogs tomorrow and hunt for the best priced shaving cream, I'll feel better that an evening of girl talk, vino and coupons can save me (and the ladies) a whole lot of money in 2011. I'm excited. And we're going to have a contest to see who can save the most at the stores. Better watch your back, Safeway. I'm lookin' at you!

Some tips...Not interested in scouring the Sunday newspaper in search for the best deals? Head over to Frugal Living NW where she does nearly all of the work for you (she even provides links to the coupons and tells you where to look in the paper). The trick to saving the most money? Stack your coupons. Use store coupons, with manufacturer's coupons as well as store rewards, and watch your bill seriously reduce. Frugal Living breaks down the ideal scenarios/coupons to use to save the money money. Happy $aving.

Monday, January 3, 2011

rules for everything

Being the first day back at work after a lovely, extended vacation, this seems fitting:

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