Thursday, June 30, 2011

new version of you

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I'm alive! I'm alive! I promise I haven't been sick in bed or off jetsetting to tropical beaches, I've just been MIA. Earlier in the week, I was bussed up to Hood River with the rest of the sales department for our annual sales retreat! It's always fun to be out of the office in a new location.
I won't bore you with the details, but let's just sum it up with the fact that my boss might have started a foodfight (not the first time), our bar bill could be mistaken for a mortage payment, and three comedians will never be asked to join a company function ever again. Seriously. I can't even post to the Internets.

We had two motivational speakers this year (we all loved the speaker from last year that we brought him back!) Seriously. I love uplifting people that take ideas, concepts, quotes and real life sitautions and break them down into the simpliest yet profound stories. Lou Radja continues to inspire me to take things to the next level. I highly suggest that you book him anytime you need a corporate, school or personal developement speaker. Totally good stuff. I might have even scanned my notes and email them to my friend...that good.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

strawberry fields forever.

Yesterday we spent the morning checking out the Portland Farmer's Market at PSU. It's become one of my favorites for all of the great produce and fantastic flowers. I got a bunch of huge 10 stems of Peonies for only $8. Can't wait to swoop up a bunch each weekend. They have already opened up and our house has never looked better!

How was your weekend? How'd you enjoy the beautiful sunshine?!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

just cause.

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Random links I found today:

I'm off to run home to change so we can head out to a loft party in the Pearl. Mark Radcliffe is performing! Never heard of him, but I checked out his website - love singer/songwriters!

there's a place on ocean avenue...

This post is brought to you dreams. Can we just take a second and absorb that visual glory you just experienced? The Viceroy Santa Monica is a little slice of heaven. Period.

I love walking into a place that totally sums up your personal style. And I can honestly say that The Viceroy nailed it. It's me! I mean, check out their own description, "Classic sophistication and contemporary chic to create a thoroughly modern and uniquely luxurious Santa Monica, California boutique hotel." Look that up in the dictionary and you might just see my face there with a speech bubble that says, "I want my house to embody this description." (because that can happen).

Those mirrors backing the front desk and the pop of the green chairs? Perfect. The yellow hued library and those bookcases completely set the scene. From the chic poolside cabanas, to Whist Restaurant, and fabulous Suites places the Viceroy at the tippy-top of the "Can we please stay here already?" list. BF, you heard that? Book it! I swear I'll be surprised!  

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

gimme gimme s'more. gimme s'more . gimme gimme s'more

(genius S’mores Cake in a Jar)

So, we're building a firepit on our patio this summer. There. I said it. It's happening. So you better grab your skewer, or move out of the way! S'mores are the essential summertime treat. But really? They're a year round indulgence. The BF and I have been known to roast our own in the fireplace in the dead of winter while watching the Blazers game. Jealous?

To get into the s'more spirit, I've found some genius (and I mean genius) s'more recipes.

Do yourself a favor, unbutton that top button, and check out these delicious sweet s'more treats (complete with 'so good you'll wanna lick your screen' photos).

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Summer - there's nothing like it! The weather, the BBQs, cold microbrews, and activities are the reasons why Oregonians put up with the rain and grey for eight months. You better make the most of it!

This summer is no exception! I'm excited to fill my planner with friends, sunshine and events that keep Portland insanely weird. Here's a list of events that I can't wait for. How about you?

June 24-26: North American Organic Brewers Festival
Overlook Park, N Fremont Street
One word: beer.
Check out the North American Organic Brewers Festival Program

June 26-Sept. 10: Summer free for all Movies in the Park
Parks across the city
Complete Movies in the Park listings. So many classics that I've never seen! 

July 4-Aug. 25: Top Down: Rooftop Cinema
Hotel deLux's rooftop garage
One of the coolest views in the city with live bands and beers. Movie starts when the sun sets, so bring your own chair and get up there early!
Can't wait to check out Francis Ford Coppola's "The Outsiders" (why haven't I seen this movie before?)
Scheduled Top Down: Rooftop Cinema screenings

July 28-31: Oregon Brewers Festival
More than 80 different craft beers from all over the country! So amazingly fun.
Entry is free, but the tasting mug is $6 with tastes ranging from $1-$4.
Oregon Brewers Festival info

July 31: The BIG Float
The event hosted by Willamette Riverkeeper that will take place on this sunny, Sunday afternoon on the Willamette River in downtown Portland. The goal, quite simply, is to encourage people to “get into the river." And with 1,000+ people expected to participate, you won't want to miss it!
The website is just so damn cute. Love the vintage design.

Aug. 12-14: The Bite of Oregon
Food, music, wine, beer! And it's a benefit for Special Olympics! Yum. (note: wear expandable pants and/or skirt).
$10 single day pass, $15 full weekend.
The Bite of Oregon food and entertainment offerings

Aug. 13: Adult Soapbox Derby
Mount Tabor Park, SE Portland
Seriously? So entertaining. I wouldn't miss this one!
Free to watch with races starting at 10am.
Check out the pictures from last year's Adult Soapbox Derby

Aug. 25-27: Festa Italiana
Southwest Morrison Street and Broadway
Grape stomp, pizza toss, bocce tournament and Italian movie night. 
In case you need any more arm twisting (hello! Pizza!), check out the Festa Italian lineup 

What's on your summer bucket list? Always looking to expand my list!

(* umbrella print by Elle Moss)

you down with OPP LBB? (yeah you know me)

Happy Tuesday (and first official day of summer!) The sun is out in Portland, and you know what that means...burgers! And Little Big Burger just so happens to be opening their second location on N Mississippi Avenue today!

I hope you've tried Little Big Burger by now, but if you haven't - what the hell are you waiting for? Owners Micah Camden and Katie Poppe have expanded their hip Pearl District burger joint to a second (and much closer to my home) location that also brings a bunch of foot traffic to the Portlanders that flock to Mississippi for coffee, food and fun shops.

Their menu is simple: deliciously perfect-sized hamburgers or cheeseburgers (take your pick: cheddar, swiss, chevre or bleu?) Fries (yukon gold potatoes or white truffle sea salt?) Hint: white truffle wins.

And to roll out the opening of the new location, LBB is treating their burger-loving fans with FREE burgers today from 4-9pm! Only one per person though, but I swear, that's all you'll need!

Monday, June 20, 2011

where all the hot girls wear glasses.

(glasses print via Pinterest, kate spade new york 'jodie' reading glasses from Nordstrom)
  Aren't my new glasses adorable? I've had the same thick black Dior readers since 2008 (oh, the horror!) and had to switch it up. I love the green sherbert hue inside the thin frames. Wearing these makes me feel so scholarly (except that I had to Google 'scholarly' to make sure I was spelling it properly! Sh, don't tell anyone). And at a cool $68 at Nordstrom, what's not to love?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

new resolution

(Paul Arden quote, "It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be")
Stay tuned for more a more inspired blog, promise.

Also, a special hello to all of the lovely ladies I met at Oh Joy Studio's blog workshop at the Ace Hotel this morning! Loved being in a room full of people with fellow bloggers that shared some of my same questions. 

Follow my blog for updates of the latest new restaurant to try, store to stop into, and to keep up with my adventures in and around the Rose City.

Friday, June 17, 2011

here comes the sun...

(photo via Pinterest here, design by me)
Start spreading the news: the sun is out! Which means my entire office is MIA off enjoying the sunshine on patios and all of that jazz. Me? Oh, I'm just staring at the clock waiting for it to inch closer to 5ish.

I'm looking forward to a low-key weekend. Might see a movie tomorrow night (date night!), but before that, I think we need to enjoy this gorgeous day on a local patio. I'm sure we'll wake up tomorrow and demand a delicious breakfast. On Sunday morning, I'll be attending Oh Joy's social media/blogging workshop at the Ace Hotel (Can. Not. Wait.) while the BF runs a half marathon (he's nuts, obviously).

Oh, and how amazing is that Marc Jacobs sundress above? I must have it hanging in my closet!

Monday, June 13, 2011

monday, monday, monday

Happy Monday!

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 I can't really get into today. I'm a daze! We'll just blame it on the lack of sleep I got last night due to a wiggly pup that pushed me nearly off one side of the bed, and the "we ate like kings" this weekend collection of excellent meals. More on that later! It deserves it's own blog post.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

and you smile like a saint, but you curse like a sailor...

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Ahoy! I've never met a stripe that I didn't instantly love, and today's outfit is no exception.
I got this cute lil number from Target last week, and decided to rock it today. On Wednesday mornings we have our weekly sales meeting first thing, so the fact that people see my outfit weighs on my daily decision.

Striped dress, natural wedges, brown belt, and cotton blazer with gold natual buttons? Check! Oh, and my favorite yellow Kate Spade bangle pretty much seals the deal. I was waiting for people to start humming "In the Navy" as I walked in, but nope! All good!

Amazing how a new outfit, or part of an outfit, gives you a lil spring in your step. And on a Wednesday? I definitely could use it.