Wednesday, June 22, 2011

gimme gimme s'more. gimme s'more . gimme gimme s'more

(genius S’mores Cake in a Jar)

So, we're building a firepit on our patio this summer. There. I said it. It's happening. So you better grab your skewer, or move out of the way! S'mores are the essential summertime treat. But really? They're a year round indulgence. The BF and I have been known to roast our own in the fireplace in the dead of winter while watching the Blazers game. Jealous?

To get into the s'more spirit, I've found some genius (and I mean genius) s'more recipes.

Do yourself a favor, unbutton that top button, and check out these delicious sweet s'more treats (complete with 'so good you'll wanna lick your screen' photos).

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