Thursday, June 23, 2011

there's a place on ocean avenue...

This post is brought to you dreams. Can we just take a second and absorb that visual glory you just experienced? The Viceroy Santa Monica is a little slice of heaven. Period.

I love walking into a place that totally sums up your personal style. And I can honestly say that The Viceroy nailed it. It's me! I mean, check out their own description, "Classic sophistication and contemporary chic to create a thoroughly modern and uniquely luxurious Santa Monica, California boutique hotel." Look that up in the dictionary and you might just see my face there with a speech bubble that says, "I want my house to embody this description." (because that can happen).

Those mirrors backing the front desk and the pop of the green chairs? Perfect. The yellow hued library and those bookcases completely set the scene. From the chic poolside cabanas, to Whist Restaurant, and fabulous Suites places the Viceroy at the tippy-top of the "Can we please stay here already?" list. BF, you heard that? Book it! I swear I'll be surprised!  

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