Monday, May 23, 2011

where we gonna go from here?

Amazing how your day can turn around so quickly!

For starters, it's Monday. (Do I even need to elaborate?)

Last night, the BF and I spent HOURS putting together our new IKEA TV stand. I know, I know - everytime I get anything there, I swear I won't get another piece in fears that our house will start looking like an IKEA showroom. But the beauty is in the details (I can add my own touches later) and let's face it - you can't beat the price for some modern pieces. As we watching the terribly, awful Billboard Music Awards last night, we attempted to build this sucker. Long story short, we messed up on Step 2, therefore when we got to step 43, the whole thing was all wrong. Fail. Too late to even care anymore. So tonight we'll tackle that beast.

I have no clean clothes and never picked up my dry cleaning, so I'm wearing a pretty casual and 'nothin special' outfit. My hair looks like straw. I was rushed this morning, what do you expect?


I was out to grab a bite to eat by my lonesome when I got an email from Bri from Design Love Fest. The subject? WINNER!

I'm so stoked! I've never even tried to win anything on anyone's blog before! Beginner's luck! And, I just love her blog and everything she does. It's fabulous!

Oh, and I just signed up for OhJoy's Portland Blogging and Social Media workshop in June. I'm so thrilled!

Monday, you're not so bad afterall.

How did you spend your weekend?

On Saturday, went to breakfast with the BF at one of our standby breakfast joints, Cadillac Cafe. Then I picked up two of my girlfriends and headed to my co-worker's Stella & Dot Trunk Show. It was so fun to gawk over all the fabulous pieces! I ended up snagging some earrings since I never seem to wear any. I needed some, you hear?

Aren't they pretty?!
(Stella & Dot 'Garden Party Chandelier Earrings - Green/Gold')
Sunday was spent meeting with a potential new client for a freelance web project. Fun! I'm totally jazzed about it. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon at my brother's baseball game. Ended up at IKEA for some black picture frames and that god forsaken TV STAND! (See above). I'm angry just thinking about it. How many relationships end over IKEA assembly? I seriously wonder.


While in the car with my girlfriends, I expressed that I wished Lauren Conrad shared her beauty products. I'm so glad she heard me since I just came across this article that dishes what's in Lauren Conrad's makeup bag. Genius.

Incase you have $8.6 million in your back pocket, you can buy the late Elizabeth Taylor's Bel Air estate. Could you even imagine? She's owned it for the last 30 years. Check out the listing here.

The new season of The Bachelorette starts tonight. Crap. Another reality show...Here's a cheat sheet: get to know the 25 guys before you watch.

I think I need this for my new iPhone that I just decided that I needed. I can't handle the slow-going of my current phone.

Until next time....

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