Tuesday, August 9, 2011

shout it out.

Yesterday I had a lunch date with Taylor Hanson. No, I promise I'm not lying. You see, I'm like almost friends with Hanson at this point in my life. After being a lifelong fan since the fifth grade, my sister Nicole and I have seen them everytime they've come to Portland (or Seattle for that matter). I've flown to LA to see them at the Viper Room. Took a train to catch them in New Haven, Connecticut. I mean, it's pretty amazing. I've loved their music forever and more recently --I've loved the entrepreneurs they've turned into.

My sister arranged an interview with their management, so yesterday I drove to sit in her office conference room and overhear their interview. For the second time, we have been scheduled to speak with Taylor, the middle and heartthrob bro. Have you seen him lately? Fogetaboutdet. Long gone are his bleachy-blonde locks, and he's just...sigh.

Catch Hanson when they come to town on The Musical Ride Tour on September 5 at The Aladdin. What's different about this show? They're allowing fans total control over the setlist. Log onto their website and vote for your favorite album out of the three options, and whichever album wins will be played in its entirety as part of the set.  Each concert will also include musical highlights from their 20+ year career and more! I'll be there with my equally as obsessed girlfriend appropriately named...Taylor. MMMBOP!

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