Friday, January 13, 2012

mo money, mo problems.

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And what's that? Sticking to a budget.

I'm already decided that 2012 is the year that I get my finances in order. No really, I'm serious this time! I've been investigating budgeting softwares because let's face it - writing it out on paper is a helpful method, but I want the whole thing - colored charts, account balances and snazzy spreadsheets. I want to log in somewhere and have it scream at me, "Stop going to Trader Joe's!" "Do you really need that pillow at Target?" "Another footlong at Subway? Forgeddaboutit."

I tried (and by tried I mean set up an account) with Mint a while ago and never gave it a fair shot. But I just stumbled upon You Need a Budget. I'm easily pursuaded by colors and design - so I'm leaning that way, but I'm not excited for the $60 price tag. I'm trying to SAVE money here, people.

So, I'm curious to know your system. Do you use a software? Excel sheet? I'm this close to going up to the Promotions Department and stealing at copy of Dave Ramsey's book. 

PS - I love the Method behind You Need a Budget. Rule One: Give every dollar a job. Rule Two: Save for a Rainy Day. Rule Three: Roll with the Punches. Rule Four: Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck.  It's bound to work!

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