Saturday, June 9, 2012

viva las vegas

One of my closest girlfriends is gettin' hitched - so we've booked a girl's weekend to Vegas to properly celebrate. I'm so excited to head out of town in August with the gals. Last time we were all there together was 4 years ago, but it feels just like yesterday. We're going to pile in a room, lounge by the pool and pop the champagne. 

Booking travel for five gals is no joke. After checking a million travel sites, we finally pulled the trigger the other night. We were like giddy school girls on the phone when we all pushed "purchase." I've learned that my calling in life is planning other people's celebrations. I have a Google Doc at the ready for this trip...color coded, links embedded - the whole shebang. Now to plan my outfits! I only have a month and a half to figure out 2 days of outfits. Oh, the stress!

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