Monday, June 25, 2012

this one's for the girls

Sometimes you just need a little gal-pal time. This weekend was full of quality time with my ladies which was so overdue and so lovely!

This summer, I have 2 old friends named Kate that are getting married. Not to each other, let's be clear. Two Kates. Two weddings. To two great guys. I went to Kate #1's shower on Saturday to toast to the blushing bride. While we have been friends since 6th grade, I always assumed she'd marry at Backstreet Boy. Since Brian Littrell is off the market, I'm so happy she has ended up with someone just as fab and less Google-able. We have stayed in touch over the years but haven't been extremely close (which I plan to change immediately). And even though I didn't know many people at the shower, it was so fun to catch up and partake in her special day. Aren't we just the cutest? I almost resurrected an old school picture of us from back in the day, but they're all in storage (totally need to dig some out though). Her mom said I look exactly the same as junior high, to which I replied, "Oh, god! I hope not!) Her comment is equal parts not true (phew!) and frightening.

We played Mad Libs, had some boozy cocktails and all swooned over all of the great gifts she received from Anthropologie (did not know you could register there - good mental note).

On Sunday, I met three lovely ladies for a delicious dinner at Gracie's inside of Hotel deLuxe. While we often frequent The Driftwood Room inside the glam-tastic Hotel deLuxe, we had never eaten at Gracie's before. It's fancy, it's pricy and it just wasn't on my radar unless it was a special event. Here in Portland, June is officially Dining Month. Restaurants that partake in Dining Month draw up a special 3-course menu and charge a reasonable $25 per person to indulge. I got the grilled asparagus, pork chop and creme brulee.

Yum! I was entirely too full, but who can resist a glass of wine and catching up with your gal pals? Hilarious times. I love that we each got a different dessert. Chocolate mousse, bread pudding, cheesecake and the creme brulee! I wish every month was Dining Month, but at the rate that the BF and I go out to eat, it pretty much is.

Oh (and don't judge me), but I totally wore my new, green maxi dress to both events. Different audience you know.

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