Sunday, October 17, 2010

nowhere to go.

Sometimes it takes effort to make even the smallest things happen. I've dreamt of spending my Sunday mornings typing from the window seat at one of my favorite coffee shops, sipping an Americano and eating some delicious baked good for breakfast. Week after week, that never seems to happen because life simply gets in the way. 

Today, I am writing from the bar top, window seat while staring over at the sluggish line across the street at the street's newest waffle window. 

My view looks a lil something like this.

Today is totally "curl up on the couch and read magazines, er - books, and enjoy the last few hours of the weekend. And sadly, tonight is the season finale of Mad Men...What am I going to do without that show? Thinking about getting through the winter with a new Netflix subscription and re-watching the past 3 seasons. Finally a show you don't have to be ashamed of watching and that warrant a good discussion as you recap the latest episode with your co-workers the next day. Well, sadly we do that with the Kardashians too. 

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