Sunday, November 14, 2010

one day.

It's November 14th which means that there's exactly one month until my 25th birthday. I'm having the hardest time planning how I want to celebrate. Dinner with close friends somewhere delicious? Drinks at a dark bar? I have the hardest times with decisions. Anyone want to plan this one for me? Any good Portland suggestions?

Part of me wants to dress up in sequins and go out...

via hip hip gin gin

and part of me wants someone to deliver me a box of mini cupcakes from saint cupcake, some flowers and call it a night. 

Until then...I think I'm going to finish up the next 30 days of my twenty-fourth year taking more 'me' time, and crafting my "25 while I'm 25 list."

via it's mary ruffle
through the airwaves:
matisyahu - 'one day'

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