Friday, February 24, 2012

breakfast at...

If you follow me on Twitter or my Instagram posts, you know that the BF and I love going out to breakfast. It's a serious love; and we do not mess around.

Thankfully, we're pretty early risers on the weekend so we don't usually run into very long waits at some of our fav Portland breakfast joints. But that world is real. If you don't plan to head out until after 10, consider it brunch or maybe even lunch by the time you snag a table. I invited my family to brunch at Screen Door on Father's Day last year, and my sister thought I was taking them to a soup kitchen based on the line wrapped around the block.

We have stopped discussing if we're going to breakfast each Saturday morning because we both know it's happening. I keep having these visions of whipping up a stack of pancakes or a delish looking frittata I saw a recipe for on Pinterest, but it never fails - we just want to wake up and go! Or as the BF says, "I just want to be waited on," (and we all know I ain't gonna do it! I kid, I kid).

And whattaya know...Portland Monthly just released their March 2012 issue titled, "Hot Breakfast Spots." While I checked out the list online, there's nothing super unique there. We have a few criteria for weekend breakfast adventures: decent ambiance, great food, not too long of a wait, and the whole bill is under (or close to) $30 bucks.

In no particular order, a list of the boyfriend and my favorite eats.

Byways Cafe Website

Pine State Biscuits Website

Genie's Website
Cadillac Cafe Website
Lucy's Original

Where are your must-visit breakfast joints? Let me know. We're always open to exploring new options!

Speaking of breakfast and Portland Monthly, the magazine is hostng a country-style breakfast and a Bloody Mary competition. Four hot local chefs will create their own signature country breakfasts, while five top local bartenders vie for the title of the Best Bloody Mary. Guests will also enjoy beer cocktails and kid-friendly beverages while the Jackalope Saints provide a rollicking soundtrack. This will be a hoedown like no other!
Country Breakfast Lineup
Chef Cathy Whims, Oven & Shaker
Chef Jenn Louis, Lincoln Restaurant
Chef Chris Carriker, Gilt Club
Chef Gregory Gourdet, Departure
Blood Mary Showdown!
Tasty n' Sons * Podnah's Pit
Irving Street Kitchen * Ned Ludd * Screen Door

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  1. When I come to Portland we should schedule a breakfast date at Pine State! YUM!!!!!!!!!!