Friday, February 3, 2012

walk on the wild side.

What a week! The boyfriend was in New York on business all week (so jealous). And I stayed home with the pups watching way too much Bravo for my own good.  All week I was imagining him wandering the city and checking out all of my favorite places. Even though it's been 5 (can you believe it?!) years since I've lived there, it still odd-ly feels a bit like home. I loved that he'd text me, "What Subway should I take to Greenwich Village?" I'm hoping that we can head to the Big Apple later this fall. There's something so exciting about feeling like a small part of such a large city.

Check out my New York board on Pinterest. Sigh, I miss that place! If only we could all live in adorable brownstones with high-paying jobs and had a dog walker...then we'd totally move.

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