Tuesday, February 21, 2012

take me down like I'm a domino...

THIS! I am so excited for Domino Quick Fixes, a Domino special edition that will hit newsstands nationwide on April 17th. Ever since Domino stopped publishing, I've had a void that I have not been able to fill (sorry, Pinterest - I do love you though). I remember stopping into Borders (another RIP) and snagging the first issue of Domino back in 2005, and I was smitten ever since. I still have all of my copies in magazine files - untouched. No rips, no dogears...just perfect copies of pure genius. Domino's tagline was "the guide to living with style," and I've been trying to follow suit ever since!

Anyone have Deborah Needleman's book, Domino: The Book of Decorating? It's been on my Amazon Wishlist forever, but I haven't pulled the trigger. I think I just may have to push "order" very soon!

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