Monday, February 6, 2012

super bass

I love the Super Bowl...a mix of sports, media, and entertainment. Most of our day looked like this:

(Lucy being beyond lazy -- too much pizza. oh, that was me.)

While the Pats and the Giants are not one of my 'teams' (don't you like how it sounds like I actually have a team? ha!), the Super Bowl is all about the munchies, the commercials and the idea that everyone in the country is tuned into the same broadcast. Sports (and eating) bring people together in a way that is hard to top.

I came across these crazy stats from yesterday's Super Bowl on Ad Age.

1. Bluefin Labs has so far tracked more than 12.2 million social-media comments during and after Super Bowl XLVI, primarily on Twitter and Facebook. That's a 578% increase over the total Bluefin tracked last year (1.8 million).

2. Twitter, via its official @twitter account, said the final three minutes of the Super Bowl helped push total tweet volume up to an average of 10,000 tweets per second.

3. We have a new social-TV high-water mark. "Last night's Super Bowl is the biggest social-TV event we've ever recorded -- by a wide margin," Bluefin's Tom Thai tells me. "It surpassed the previous record of 3.1 million social-media comments, held by the MTV Video Music Awards last August."

4. Madonna's halftime show alone generated more than 862,000 social-media comments; by comparison, Bluefin recorded 966,000 social-media comments for the 2011 Academy Awards. "If the halftime show were its own standalone televised event," Thai said, "it would rank fourth in terms of all-time social-TV events for entertainment. It would trail only the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, the 2011 American Music Awards and the 2011 Academy Awards."

5. Bluefin Labs tracked more than 985,000 social-media comments specifically related to just Super Bowl commercials -- topping the total for the entire telecast of the 2011 Academy Awards.

Did you miss any of the commericals while you were grabbing another bag of tortilla chips? Mashable has posted all 54 commercials.  Oh yeah, and a 30-second spot sold for $3.5 million. Ca-ching.

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